1. Leo Cabassa Awarded Major NIMH Grant for Healthy Lifestyle Intervention

    Associate Professor Leo Cabassa has been awarded an R01 grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to conduct clinical trials of a peer-led health lifestyle intervention versus usual care services in two supportive housing agencies in New York City (Pathways to Housing and the Federation Employment and Guidance Service) serving diverse clients with serious mental illness who are overweight or obese.

  2. Heidi Allen Joins Elite Cadre on Health and Aging Policy

    Congratulations to Prof Heidi Allen, who has been selected as a 2014-2015 Health and Aging Policy Fellow. The program is designed to build a cadre of professionals with a sincere commitment to aging issues who can help shape a positive and healthy future for older Americans by contributing valuable science and practice knowledge to the health care policy arena. In addition, Fellows play an important role in bringing greater awareness and sophistication in health policy to the clinical and scientific communities. The Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program was created through the support of the Atlantic Philanthropies.

  3. 25 posts! Hooray!

    25 posts! Hooray!

  4. Grief: Reframing the Way We Think About Love and Loss, by Dr. Katherine Shear →

    In this article for Pacific Standard, Dr. Katherine Shear, director of CSSW’s Center for Complicated Grief, explains acute grief and how we can reshape it to regain the capacity to lead satisfying and meaningful lives.

  5. Alumna Mary Rockefeller Morgan previews new memoir of her lost twin brother

    In 1961, Michael Rockefeller, son of then-governor of New York State Nelson A. Rockefeller, mysteriously disappeared off the remote coast of southern New Guinea. Amidst the glare of international public interest, the governor, along with his daughter Mary, Michael’s twin, set off on a futile search, only to return empty handed and empty hearted. What followed were Mary’s 27-year repression of her grief and an unconscious denial of her twin’s death, which haunted her relationships and controlled her life.

    In this startlingly frank and moving memoir, Mary R. Morgan, an alumna of the Columbia School of Social Work, struggles to claim an individual identity, which enables her to face Michael’s death and the huge loss it engendered. Read her preview of the book on her HuffPost Blog; order the electronic version.

  6. The CSSW Graduation Ceremony of a Week Ago (May 21st)

    Here it is again, as a slideshow. Enjoy!

  7. A serenade to the Class of 2014

    Check out our slide show of the Capstone Challenge, set to music.

  8. Professor Dana Alonzo Talks to Huff Post about Her Latest Suicide Study Findings

    In an interview with the Huffington Post about her new suicide study, Associate Professor Dana Alonzo offers possible explanations for why those who experience childhood parental divorce may be at increased risk for suicide attempts when they reach adulthood.

  9. Livetweeting tomorrow’s CSSW Graduation #cssw2014

    Attention graduates, families & friends! We’ll be live-tweeting tomorrow’s graduation event at Beacon Theatre. Use hashtag #cssw2014 to join in!

  10. Vernon Jordan Graduation Address Makes NPR BEST OF BEST List

    Last year’s graduation address by Vernon Jordan to School of Social Work grads was one of 300 hand-picked by NPR for a list of “The Best Commencement Speeches, Ever.” Notably, the only other Columbia speech to make the list was the one by David Bryne for the School of the Arts, also last year.